List of books to read in 2015

These are some of the books I am considering reading for my 2015 challenge. If I get to any of them this year, I will substitute as I go along.

    1. Marriage Vows by Gail Schimmel READ OCT 14
    2. Whatever Happened to the Cowley Twins by Gail Schimmel READ JULY 15
    3. The Scent of Bliss by Nthikeng Mohlele COULD NOT GET HOLD OF IT
    4. Small Things by Nthikeng Mohlele READ APRIL 15
    5. The Violent Gestures of Life by Tshifhiwa Given Mukwevho READ FEB 15
    6. A Traumatic Revenge (short stories) by Tshifhiwa Given Mukwevho
    7. Room 207 by Kgebeti Moele
    8. The Folly by Ivan Vladislavic READ DEC 15
    9. When a Man Cries by Siphiwo Mahala READ SEPT 15
    10. Finders Weepers by Penny Lorimer READ JAN 15
    11. Balthasar’s Gift by Charlotte Otter READ MAY 15
    12. Fanie Fourie’s Lobola by Nape a Motana
    13. Beauty’s Gift by Sindiwe Magona COULD NOT GET HOLD OF IT
    14. The Fossil Artist by Graeme Friedman READ FEB 15
    15. The Beggars Signwriter by Louis Greenberg ON ORDER
    16. Dark Windows by Louis Greenberg READ AUG 15
    17. Swimming with Cobras by Rosemary Smith
    18. Do not Go Gentle by Futhi Ntshingila READ JAN 15
    19. Now I See You by Priscilla Holmes READ OCT 15
    20. The Thunder that Roars by Imran Garda READ JAN 15
    21. Tales of the Metric System by Imran Coovadia READ SEPT 15
    22. Esther’s House by Carol Lesley Campbell READ NOV 14
    23. This Day by Tiah Beautement READ MAY 15
    24. Rusty Bell by Nthikeng Mohlele READ MAY 15
    25. Penumbra by Songeziwe Mahlangu READ JAN 15
    26. Shameless by Futhi Ntshingila BOUGHT FROM ADAMS
    27. Road of Excess by Ingrid Winterbach READ FEB 15
    28. 13 Cents by K Sello Duiker READ JAN 15
    29. Double Negative by Ivan Vladislavic READ DEC 15
    30. The Texture of Shadows by Mandla Langa READ MARCH 15
    31. Love Tastes Like Strawberries by Rosamund Haden READ FEB 15
    32. Black Widow Society by Angela Makholwa READ NOV 15
    33. Shadow Self by Paula Marais READ AUG 15
    34. The Alphabet of Birds by SJ Naude BOUGHT FROM ADAMS
    35. Ancient Rites by Diale Tlholwe READ JAN 15
    36. The Unsaid by Richard de Nooy COULD NOT GET HOLD OF IT
    37. Counting the Coffins by Diale Tlholwe READ DEC 15
    38. Jozi by Perfect Hlongwane READ AUG 15
    39. Dark Whispers by Joanne MacGregor READ APRIL 15
    40. Weeping Waters by Karin Brynard READ MAR 15
    41. Untitled by Kgebeti Moele HAVE A COPY
    42. October by Zoe Wicomb READ JUNE 15
    43. Zebra Crossing by Meg Vandermerwe READ DEC 15
    44. Green Lion by Henrietta Rose-Innes READ OCT 15
    45. The Space Between the Space Between by John Hunt READ JULY 15
    46. Sister Moon by Kirsten Miller READ APRIL 15
    47. The Last Road Trip by Gareth Crocker READ MARCH 15
    48. Wasted by Mark Winkler READ JUNE 15
    49. London Cape Town Joburg by Zukiswa Wanner READ MAY 15
    50. Piggy Boy’s Blues by Nakhane Toure READ DEC 15
    51. What Hidden Lies by Michelle Rowe READ DEC 15
    52. The Hour of Darkness by Michelle Rowe READ DEC 15
    53. The Fetch by Finuala Dowling READ DEC 15
    54. It Might Get Loud by Ingrid Winterbach READ DEC 15
    55. Death by Carbs by Paige Nick READ DEC 15

02 December 2015

Looking back at this list, there are some I have not read and others not on the list that I have read. Some of them I could not get hold of while others did not appeal to me at the time.

11 thoughts on “List of books to read in 2015

  1. Hi Penny! I love your challenge & look forward to reading your updates. That’s an impressive list. I saw you asked on Twitter for SA fiction not easily found. Not sure whether you meant ‘covered by media’ or ‘available in book stores’. Here are twelve recent literary gems which should be easily available, but were perhaps not as widely talked about as they should have been despite having won an occasional prize or award:
    Revelations by Mongane Wally Serote YES
    The Landscape Painter by Craig Higginson YES
    Wall of Days by Alastair Bruce NO
    Sleeper’s Wake by Alistair Morgan YES
    Past Imperfect by Emma van der Vliet MAYBE
    The Cutting Room by Mary Watson YES
    For the Sake of Silence by Michael Cadwood Green MAYBE
    The Rowing Lesson by Anne Landsman OWN IT
    Exhibit A by Sarah Lotz YES
    A Sportful Malice by Michiel Heyns MAYBE
    The Road to Excess by Ingrid Winterbach YES, ON ORDER
    Happiness is a Four-Letter Word by Cynthia Jele OK
    (PS Please consider getting the hardback of Tales of the Metric System – it is beautiful & I believe Umuzi’s initiative in producing these exquisite hardbacks should be supported.) NOT A PRICE THING, I JUST PREFER READING PAPERBACKS

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    1. Hi Karina, thank you so much for the wonderful list of books to consider. While what I actually meant was that I could not find the books already on my list at Exclusive and I wanted help in getting my hands on them, at the same time, it’s great to be given recommendations. Some of these look really amazing, most of them, I do not know. I have marked the ones that appeal to me, Penny

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      1. As promised: The Wedding by Imraan Coovadia, (read) Way Back Home by Niq Mhlongo, Moss by Mary Watson, anything by Zakes Mda, (read all up to Cion, need to catch up, love his writing) all other titles by Sindiwe Magona, David’s Story by Zoë Wicomb, Unconfessed by Yvette Christiansë, The Book of the Dead by Kgebetli Moele 🙂


      2. Hi Karina, Thanks you for the extra titles. I have commented within your reply. There are some more interesting ones for me to try. I’m going to run out of days in the year soon, Penny


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